"The act of taking the first step is what separates the winners from the losers." - Brian Tracy



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“Making a dream into reality begins with what you have, not with what you are waiting on.” 
T.F. Hodge



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Kelly (Kc) Camp

Be Blessed


Be Sure to take Notes....

One reoccurring theme that comes from people as they embark on a journey to change or improve their current situation is a fact of wanting a desired outcome but not wanting to put forth the effort to achieve it.

 The effort can be one of time investment to do the actual work required to achieve the desired outcome or could be investment in the education to learn the skills needed to reach that outcome or a common one is I don’t have the finance’s to do it..  This is usually a misnomer as that typically means the desire to achieve what they want is not strong enough.

  Example:  If the person wanted that new car so bad they could taste it… they would find a way to come up with the down payment or afford the payments ect.  Or god forbid something happened to a loved one and you needed finances to take care of them …. That is a very strong motivator.

Point being is how bad to you want change? Bad enough that you are willing to do whatever it takes as long as it meets your ethical and moral beliefs standards.

 Taking the financial excuse working in a brainstorming mastermind the below list are a few creative ways to come up with finances to achieve what you’re after.

Note; Some may seem obvious while other’s may peek an idea or two, these are in no special order.

  1. If you own your vehicle outright you could take a title loan
  2. You could sell your vehicle
  3. Go through out your home and pull items that have little meaning or use anymore and Sell (yard sale, on craiglist,
  4. Take a personal loan from  multiple people (example need $200.   Borrow $10 from 20 people, or $20 from 10 people ect.
  5. Sell Body fluids(breast milk, blood ect) or Hair
  6. Volunteer for medical research.. various studies are always going on.
  7. Pawn old jewelry
  8. Do odd jobs house sit, dog walk, car wash, lawn mowing ect
  9. Clean the house and vehicles, for loose change dollars ect… be sure to go through pockets of clothes
  10. Return items that have not been used  for refund
  11. Collect scrap/recyclable material and return to collection center
  12. Rent your parking spot or rent a room if you have a house
  13. Make things to sell, baked goods, jewelry, cards ect
  14.  Take a withdrawl against a life insurance policy
  15.  Take  a loan or withdraw some of your 401k
  16. Take a Payday advance loan


These are all things people have done to do what they needed to do to get on their journey and change their situation.   We hope they have helped to inspire you to use your creative juices to come up with even more ways .   Be Blessed.



Life of a marketer entails gathering various bits of information enabling decisions to be made towards setting up a campaign and or providing value to the market and those in need.

One such tool and way to gather such information is the use of Lead pages also called Squeeze pages or Landing pages.   But more specifically I want to address the contact form portion or just a contact form in general.


Research has shown some specific tips to be considered when setting up and using these contact forms

Provided below for your reference and information… Be sure to keep these in mind when implementing or determining your strategy.


1) Word Choice Matters

The first tip: Don’t use the word ‘submit’ when you want someone to submit a form. Studies show that “click here” and “go” buttons score nearly 30% and 25% better, respectively.

2) Length Matters 

The second tip: Size does matter. The shorter your form,  the higher your conversion rate. So leave out your unnecessary fields. Cutting the number of fields may be painful at first, like you’re throwing away valuable information, but that loss will feel like a distant tickle when you see that your conversion rates have risen by up to 120% (true story).

3) Field Choice Matters

The third tip: Unless you operate a business that phones every submitter of a form after they fill out said form, either steer away from the phone number field or make the entry optional. You can collect the phone number later during the nurturing process using progressive profiling.


So when can or should you ask for more information?

 While information is a key component in marketing you still need and want to respect the boundaries and privacy of an individual, Think Of it as a Date… When you show up to your say dinner date, you don’t just go ask how old your date was? If you did you probably did not get a second date (ha ha).  Forms with the “age” field are less likely to convert. Did you ask for his/her address? Where he/she works? What his/her job title is? How much money there company makes yearly? How much he/she makes every year? Revealing all that information to someone who’s barely an acquaintance is exhausting. And the person who’s asking looks more than a little creepy.

Bottom line go for the basics and as you develop a relationship in time you can gather more information and both parties will be comfortable in the process..   

To You Success…


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